Vote “yes”? Or vote “no”?

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The people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines are about to vote on whether or not to adopt a new constitution. After years of consultation, discussion and debate, a draft constitution is now before the people.

As I understand it, Parliament will debate and vote on the draft in early September. Once two thirds of the elected members vote in favour of the bill, it then goes to the people in a referendum. This is scheduled for November. Sixty-seven percent of the persons voting in this referendum must vote “yes” in order for this proposed constitution to be finally adopted.

In the meantime, the entire process is mired in controversy and partisan bickering. Supporters of the ruling party have all vowed to vote “yes”. On the other hand, the Opposition is waging a campaign among their supporters to have them vote “no”.

In essence therefore, it has come down to straight fight between the ULP and the NDP. As some observers have noted, the referendum will be a mock election.

Amidst the noise, one hears very little about the merits and demerits of the bill. That is totally besides the point. It’s now all about Ralph and Arnhim. That is so unfortunate!


Wow! Photos too!

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I am back at it again! This time, I wanted to find out if I can post photos too. Let me see…

If it worked you should see a beautiful photograph of St. Georges, Grenada.

It Worked!

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Yes it did!

I just posted a blog from my BlackBerry! I am so enthused I am posting another in quick succession.

A few minutes ago while browsing the net on a pc, I found out that WordPress has put out an application that enables you to write and post blogs straight from a BlackBerry hand-held device. I immediately dowloaded the application and gave it a try. And voila! It worked like a charm. I did so by writing and posting the blog below. I then checked my pc and there was my post! This is truly great. I have not written a blog in months! Simply because I have no access to the net on a regular basis. Now I can sit anywhere in the world at anytime of the day and post my thoughts for all the world to see!

Just to tell how this thing is working, look I have made two posts in less than 30 minutes when I have not made a single post since Easter! That was months ago.

This is simply refreshing! It is exhilarating! It is liberating. So, people look out for me. I am truly back!

Blogging from My BlackBerry

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This is great! WordPress has put out a new application that enables you to blog straight from your BlackBerry hand held device. I am giving it a try.

If it works I plan to use it on a regular basis. I have not posted for months. This is partly because I don’t have regular access to the net. However, I recently managed to get myself a BlackBerry. While it solved my access problems, the BB has certain limitations. Among these was the inability to post blogs without difficulty. Now if this shit works I think I will be posting every day!


Happy Easter All

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Did Jesus Christ really rise from the dead? That is one of the biggest hoax ever perpetrated by mankind. He could not! And he did not!

Yet, the resurrection of Christ forms the fundamental basis of the Christian religion. Without belief in this there is no Christianity.

Christ was a good man. But he did not rise up from the dead. But can we sell christianity without this idea? I think that we can

Soon Be Back

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Happy New Year to all! I have taken a short break from blogging. I have not totally given up. Right now, my world is a bit crazy. Things have changed radically since I last posted. As soon as my life gets back to normal, you will hear from me again.

I must thank my short list of regular readers for logging on. Don’t give up on me I will be back soon.

This One Nearly Killed Me!

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I got this from a friend. It is absolutely hilarious! I nearly killed myself laughing! This is one of the many reasons why I love Jamaica!

Go ahead! Enjoy!

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